Daniel A. Lieblong, D.D.S.


         Complete Dental Care for your Entire Family

    Welcome to our office.  We know that you could see any dentist that you choose and we thank you for trusting us with your dental care.  Our promise is to provide the best care possible with the attitude of doing what is in your long term best interest.  We provide dental care for every member of your family from age 3 to 93 and beyond.  We provide virtually all of your dental needs in one location, five days a week.   A patient once told me that I made them feel like they were my only patient.  Wow!  I could never have come up with a better mission statement if I tried.  I will do everything in my power to provide your care with the same quality of care.   Please call or e-mail if you have any questions.     Thank You!

Daniel A. Lieblong, D.D.S.

12822 Crystal Valley Rd.

Little Rock, AR 72210-4713

Office:  1-501-562-8273

Fax:      1-501-562-2990

                    E-mail:  Dr.Lieblong@LieblongDentistry.com